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OneView Electronic Form Instructions - Student Contact Information Forms
OneView is a system that allows parents to file their children's school forms once, and not have to fill out the same forms each and every year.  These forms will also be used for school field trips and non-athletic extra-curricular activities.  We ask that the parents file Emergency Medical and other forms through our portal.  Instructions are located at the bottom of this article, as well as a link to get you right to OneView.
1.      Part 1 will be creating a new account.  All of the information is your own, including the Parent Login ID, Parent Password, Forgot Password Question and Answer, and Pin Code.  After filling all of this out, you will be asked to Register and Begin.  Click that button to continue
2.      The next page is where you link your student.  You will use Option #2.  Input the student’s last name, grade level, date of birth, and their student ID number, which can be found on their schedule, and is also their lunch id code.  After you input that, you will have your account registered, but are not finished yet.  YOU WILL NOT USE OPTION #1
3.      We ask that you complete the Student Contact Form.  
4.      Part 2 – Parent Contact Information.  You may edit or change that information that is already in place.  If no changes are necessary, proceed to step #3  
5.      Part 3 – Emergency Contacts – Please input at least one emergency contact
6.      Part 4 – Medical Information – You must answer the question of yes or no to medical/health issues
7.      Part 5 – Grant Consent for Emergency Treatment – You must answer either yes or no.  If yes, it will then ask you for the following items
         a.      Doctors name and phone – You must fill out the last name and phone number. First name is optional
         b.      Dentist Name and phone – You must fill out the last name and phone number.  First name is optional
         c.      Hospital – Input the preferred hospital of treatment and phone number
8.      If you do not have any information for Part 5, please input None in the last name box and a phone number of 111-11-1111.  That will tell us that no information exists.  If you would like the closest hospital, just type in closest with a phone number of 111-11-1111.  The same applies.  You cannot submit this form without inputting this information
9.      Part 6 – Are some questions that need a yes or no answer
10.    Part 7 – Digitally sign your name with the date and submit.  You will get a confirmation question.  Click OK for submission.  If you get an error message, please see where the error is occurring and adjust the information so the form takes
11.    Click save and submit to district.  You are all set
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