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Sports and Physical Education Credit
All athletes are automatically enrolled.
Introduced during 8th grade scheduling for the following school year and part of the course selection guide.

At the beginning of each sports season all rosters are provided to the Counseling secretary.  A list of students who need the credit is generated and provided to the coaches before the end of the season.
  • Athletes must complete two separate sports seasons to receive the exemption/credit.
At the end of the season the coaches verify completion of responsibilities and informs the Counseling secretary of Pass/Fail.
  • Removal from team for discipline reasons results in Fail.
  • Student quits season results in a Fail.
  • Injury occurs but the student finishes their responsibilities results in a Pass.
The secretary inputs a Pass/Fail on the student's transcript.
  • Pass/Fail shows on report card: 0 Credit Value.
Band is still a course worth one credit.  The Physical Education exemption has no bearing on the class or the credit.
  • Athletes/Band/Cheerleaders can opt to take physical education class for credit if they choose.
  • Cheerleading for football and basketball are view as two separate seasons and would count as completion.
  • A basketball player who plays two seasons would complete the requirement.
  • Marching Band members must complete two fall marching seasons.
  • You may not take one PE class for 1/4 credit and exempt 1/4 credit.
* Please note that a Physical Education Exemption form is to be completed and turned in by May 1st of the academic year before you plan to earn the exemption.
Attachments Available To Download:
Sports and Physical Education Credit Form
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