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Firelands Local Schools News Article


Firelands High School’s address is now 10521 Vermilion Rd., Oberlin OH 44074. All deliveries and mail should go to this address.

South Amherst Middle School is now called Firelands Middle School and shares the same address with the high school. 10521 Vermilion Rd., Oberlin OH 44074 should be used for all deliveries and mail.

• The high school and the middle school share a main office and point of entry.

• The old middle school building at 152 W. Main St. in South Amherst is now closed.

• Firelands Elementary School stays the same - 10779 Vermilion Rd. Oberlin OH 44074.

Summer mail that has been forwarded resumes to the new addresses on August 1st.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the board office at 440-965-5821.

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