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COVID-19 Notification
The following table shows current and total cases to date for each building and the district staff:

Current Active Cases3120
Total Cases to Date*9165846
Total Quarantined** ***22496911

*Total cases includes current active cases
**Total Cases Quarantined = Total cases to date quarantined.
***Students that have been exposed to the virus outside of school and need to be quarantined will be reported in the total quarantined numbers. Students exposed in the classroom setting, as of November 15, 2021, are now able to attend class/extra curricular events with safety measures in place. Those students will not be reported in the total quarantine numbers. The updated policy is below.

Please note that staff is reported, when applicable, in the primary building in which they work. Several staff members work in multiple positions and are reported in their primary building for accurate reporting. District Staff refers to staff members who do not primarily work in FES, SAMS or FHS.

Chart updated January 24, 2022.

COVID 19 Protocols: Updated January 3, 2021

Firelands Local School District continues to collaborate with Lorain County Public Health on a regular basis. The following procedures align to their most current guidance.

Recommend that students and staff wear masks in our school buildings regardless of vaccination status.
Require based on a mandate from the CDC, that all students and staff wear masks while riding school buses.
Respect the fact that families, students and staff will be making different decisions regarding masking.
We will be reporting positive cases following LCPH guidelines.
Social Distancing
We are unable to guarantee that students will be distanced at all times throughout their day.  
Handwashing will be encouraged throughout the school day.  Hand sanitizing stations are available in each classroom and throughout the buildings.
Lorain County Public has recommended that contract tracing be suspended in schools as it has not proven to be effective in reducing spread.  As a result, students will no longer be considered close contacts or subject to quarantine and may continue to attend school if they remain symptom free.
Students exposed to COVID-19 outside of school that are not vaccinated will be quarantined for 5 days.  Students may return to school and extracurricular activities after 5 days, followed by 5 days of wearing a mask.
Any student that tests positive should isolate for 5 days, if asymptomatic or with improving symptoms, may return to school, but must wear a mask for the following 5 days (day 1 equals the day after symptoms began).
Your help in keeping your child home when they are sick or when you suspect they might have been exposed to COVID-19 is appreciated and will help ensure the virus does not spread in the school environment.
We will continue to monitor and follow recommendations from LCPH.  While it is our intent not to vary from the procedures outlined above, should any changes be needed, we will communicate with our families through regular email updates and various social media accounts.
Spectators at athletic events, concerts, and school day programs:
At this time there are no restrictions on who can attend after school activities; however, during the school day, visitors may be limited and we encourage all those who enter our buildings to mask.  We look forward to welcoming you back to support our students!