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Student Drug Use & Discipline Practice
Student Drug Use: The use of vaping devices is becoming more prevalent in our schools. Students have been found with vapes that are used for tobacco as well as marijuana. As time goes by, manufacturers are disguising these devices so that it is becoming difficult to determine whether items confiscated are designed for use with tobacco or marijuana. While we realize that the use of both tobacco and marijuana vaping devices is becoming more accepted for use in our society, it remains illegal for our students to use these devices. Additionally, the use of either tobacco or marijuana while in school is concerning. At Firelands, we are implementing a firm discipline practice with regards to these devices. When students are found to be in possession of any vaping device, regardless of whether the student admits to the use of tobacco or marijuana, they will be suspended out of school for eight days. As an alternative to suspension, parents/guardians may take their student to get a drug/alcohol assessment by a licensed healthcare provider. A list of possible providers is below. If parents elect this option, students will remain suspended out of school until proof of an appointment is submitted to administration. The remaining suspension days will then be held in abeyance until the student attends the appointment and provides a release of information for the school to communicate with the healthcare provider. Students will be expected to follow through on all recommendations from the healthcare provider. Should the student fail to attend the appointment, the remaining days of suspension will be upheld. If students are caught with vaping devices a second time, additional consequences will be imposed, which may include a recommendation for expulsion to the superintendent. Our hope is that by taking this proactive approach, we can make some positive steps towards a drug free learning environment for all of our students. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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