FES Give Kids the World Fundraiser
Starting 5/15/2023 and ending on 5/19/2023
Event Groups:
• Firelands Elementary School - Elementary Events

Give Kids the World Village is an 89-acre nonprofit resort that provides a week-long, cost-free vacation
to critically ill children and their families who want to visit the Orlando theme parks. Make-a-Wish
families create priceless memories together away from hospital visits and medical procedures. It’s a
magical week where kids can experience the simple joys of childhood, and families can recapture some
of the precious moments that may have been missed due to illness. More information can be found by
watching this video or by going to their website, www.gktw.org.

On Monday, May 8, students will learn about this worthy organization and will bring home a bag in
which to put spare change and paper bills. Any time throughout that week, students may bring their
bags in to school to empty into the larger classroom container OR they can wait until Friday, May 19 to
bring the bag in. Please do not have students bring money in prior to May 15th.

The classroom with the HEAVIEST amount of money the end of the week will win a pizza party and the
top 3 classes will be given Give Kids the World wristbands! Any students who bring in a dollar bill will be
given a credit of 1 pound toward the class’ total weight....a $5 bill earns 5 pounds, a $10 bill earns 10
pounds, etc. Coins will be weighed. Checks may also be written to Give Kids the World Village and
credit will be given to the class total as if the amount of the check were dollar bills.

We are also looking for organizations or individuals to partner with us by matching funds raised by FES
students. If you know of an individual or company interested, please contact Mrs. Schuster.

Thank you for helping our children learn empathy and the importance of giving to others.