SAT All FHS and JVS Juniors/ Shadow Career Day
Starting 3/1/2023 and ending on 3/1/2023
Event Groups:
• Firelands Local Schools - District Events
• Firelands High School - High School Events
SAT Testing MARCH 1ST: The Ohio Department of Education provides the SAT to all juniors, free of charge. The SAT testing date will be on Wednesday, March 1st, with testing beginning at 7:30 am on that date. This is a mandatory test for all juniors, including students attending the LCJVS and CCP full-day students at Lorain County Community College. Students in the other three grades will not have class that day at Firelands High School. Students in grades 9, 10, and 12 should use the day to shadow career interests or do a college visit. The SAT should end that day at around 11:30 for regularly timed testing rooms. Students will be excused at the completion of testing. The time will vary due to varying start times in each testing room. Students who receive testing accommodations will test that date until approximately 1:30 pm. Again, times will vary due to variations in accommodations and start times. Please check with your student to see if they will receive special testing accommodations. All students that normally attend LCJVS are excused from their classes this day so that they can complete the SAT. All LCJVS students are expected to report to Firelands High School at 7:30 to test. Testing rooms will be assigned alphabetically and posted in the front of the building. Breakfast will be available for purchase prior to testing and lunch will be available at the conclusion of testing. Busses will be available at the end of the regular school day (2:30) for students that need transportation home. Students riding the bus will have a study hall for the remainder of the day after testing is concluded.