Washington DC Trip 2024 Meetings
Starting 3/16/2023 and ending on 3/16/2023
Event Groups:
• Firelands Local Schools - District Events
• Firelands Local Schools - Board Meetings
• Firelands High School - High School Events
• Firelands Middle School - Middle School Events
• Firelands Elementary School - Elementary Events
• Firelands Intranet - Intranet Events
• Firelands Intranet - Substitute Teachers
• Student Registration - District Events
• Student Registration - Board Meetings

DC Trip: We are planning a class trip to Washington DC next year for all juniors and seniors (current sophomores and juniors)! These two classes missed their Philadelphia trip in 8th grade due to Covid, so we are working to make it up to them. This would be a three day trip in the spring of 2024. We will be meeting with students on Thursday, March 16th at 1:00 in the competition gym. There will be a parent meeting that evening at 6:00pm through zoom: 

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