All Campus Safety Drills
Starting 11/7/2022 and ending on 11/7/2022
Event Groups:
• Firelands Local Schools - District Events
• Firelands High School - High School Events
• Firelands Middle School - Middle School Events
• Firelands Elementary School - Elementary Events
Today our staff will be working with the Lorain County Sheriff’s department and members of the SWAT team.
As part of our professional development, we will be holding active shooting drills with staff members. Our students have the day off and are not participating in this drill.
Please do not be alarmed if you see multiple law enforcement vehicles on our campus. The officers will be utilizing realistic training methods that sound like live ammunition. Please do not be alarmed if you hear this from our campus.
We are committed to understanding and learning how to be best prepared in the event of an emergency on our campus. While these drills are difficult in many ways, they are necessary to better our response to an unthinkable situation.
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