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Parent Pick Up Procedure 2021-2022
The following procedures are in place for students who get picked up at the end of the day instead of riding a bus.   These procedures must be followed whether a child is picked up every day or only occasionally.  We will need to be flexible as changes to this procedure may occur at times throughout the year due to FHS construction.  
Cars will enter the Firelands High School parking lot using the drive that passes by the main entrance to the high school. Cars will be using both lanes heading east. Cars will proceed toward the bus garage, turn right toward FES and then merge into one lane. Cars will then turn right again just before the building (see map).  A staff member will look for the child(ren)’s name on the car tag hanging from the rear view mirror and will call for the students using a walkie talkie.  Students will exit the building and get into cars.  In order to ensure the safety of all students, cars are not to pass other cars and cell phone use is prohibited when the line is moving.  After your child is in the car and the line resumes moving, cars will exit by driving west toward Vermilion Road then turning north to eventually turn west and exit onto Vermilion Road. Depending upon traffic flow, cars may not be able to turn south at this time.  The car line may be temporarily stopped to allow buses to exit ahead of the car line.
**Please note that due to FHS construction and traffic patterns, cars are strongly encouraged not to arrive prior to 2:45. It may be necessary to pull into a parking spot until 3:00 and then enter the car line in the entrance closest to the high school.   
If a child is not ready to exit the building, drivers will be asked to pull into an open, designated spot to not hold up the line of cars.  If your child needs assistance getting buckled, please pull into one of the available parking spots to provide that assistance so as to not hold up the car line.   
Drivers are to hang the provided car tag (see example below) from their rear view mirror.   Student last names should be written neatly in LARGE, thick black marker in the larger portion of the tag, with the first name(s) written smaller in the top portion.  If there are 2 different student last names going into the same car, please write one last name in large letters on the top portion and the other last name in large letters on the bottom portion.  First names would not be needed in this situation. 
VERY IMPORTANT:   If you will ever pick your child up from school at the end of the day, you must get a car tag before school starts.   Families who need more than two may purchase additional car tags for $1.00 each.  Last year’s car tags should be reused again this year. If you have a child who is no longer at FES or a child new to FES, nail polish remover easily erases permanent marker on the car tags so changes to names can be made.  Please make sure the last name on the car tag is written in thick, large print.
Students always need a note for a change in their school dismissal routine. Notes about a change in transportation must be received no later than 1:00 PM each day to ensure that all information is communicated in a timely manner.  

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