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We are the Falcons

Welcome Students!

Please use this page as reference. As always, you can reach out to your teachers, principals or counselors for assistance.


School Colors: Red and White
School Mascot: The Falcon
Firelands High School Fight Song: 
O come on Firelands "fite" for Victory
O come on Falcons you're the team for me
Fight for victory, "fite" for Fame and glory
"Fite" for Falcons Red and White.
We're with you now and every game you play, boys
Whether it's home or far away
So come on Red and White
Show us your Firelands "fite"
O come on Firelands Falcons - "Fite"!
Firelands Alma Mater:
For Firelands, our Alma Mater
The Falcon will fly high;
Our Faith in you will stand strong,
Will guide us on our way,
For Firelands High School Honor 
We always will be true;
Allegiance we will pledge thee
For all our lifetime through 

You are not alone

Tech Support

Help Ticket
For technology assistance please use this help ticket  


In order for students to use their personal devices for assessments, the program TestNav, must be installed.

Please fill out this trouble ticket if you have any issues downloading this free program.