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Mr. Milton Sayler
Fleet Operations Manager
Office: 440-965-4105 x 5001

Transportation News

Cell Phones:
Please note our policy that covers cell phone use, texting and other hand held devices for drivers and students (3301-83-20) who utilize our transportation:

Except in cases of extreme emergency, cellular telephones, including hands-free and wireless devices, or other portable communication devices shall not be used by the driver while the school bus is in motion or while the driver is supervising the loading or unloading of students.

Students should also be advised by parents, teachers and bus drivers not to use cell phones or electronic devices when loading or unloading or when they may become a distraction to their own or others’ safety.
Students need to remain free of distractions when crossing the Street or waiting for the bus to arrive where traffic could be a hazard.
School bus notes:
With the safety of your child in mind, school transportation must remain consistent. Variable and alternating days will not be allowed. However, we realize that emergencies do occur. In the event of an emergency, parents will need to call Mr. Milt Saylerl @ (440) 965-4105 to see if a possible alternate bus route is available 24 hours in advance. If this one time change is approved, parents also need to send a note with the child to be given to the bus driver upon boarding. If Mr. Sayler does not have space available on a particular bus route or if a child does not bring a note, the one-time, temporary route change will be refused out of safety concerns.



The Transportation Department is currently seeking individuals looking for employment as Substitute Bus Drivers.

All interested individuals will need to complete an 
Employment Application and pass a back ground check (fingerprint form for FBI BCI), before being placed on the Substitute Calling List.

 Additional information may be obtained by calling the Board of Education at 440-965-5821. Applications can be emailed to:
Sue Schaefer
Secretary to the Superintendent

Bus Routes


Everyone loves Buster

Mr. Sayler and Buster attend Memorial Day parades to promote bus safety!
    Buster in Birmingham
     Buster in Kipton