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Special Education

Special Education Department

Director of Special Education  
Mrs. Cristin Cicco
Mrs. Cristin Cicco
Director of Special Education
Mary Kaminski
FHS Special Education Secretary
Office: 440-965-4255 x 411115


Firelands Special Education Program Given Highest Rating by ODE
Each year districts in Ohio receive a Special Education Rating from the Ohio Department of Education. The rating evaluates the performance and outcome of our local Special Education Department. 

Firelands Local Schools 2021 Special Education Rating is the highest awarded by the state:   Meets Requirements!

Input for Federal Funds
The Firelands Local School District is seeking parental and citizen comment on how to best spend federal funds for special education during the school year. The district will receive funds from the Special Education, IDEA Part-B, administered through the Division of Exceptional Children, Ohio department of Education. Persons with suggestions should contact Mrs. Cristin Cicco, Director of Special Education, at 440-965-4255 between 9:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Team Members

Some children who are having difficulties in school may need extra help through special education. We have an excellent team in place that will assist our students in reaching their fullest potential; through emotional, mental, physical, and academic assistance.
Holly Allsop
Speech/Language Pathologist
Office: 440-965-5381 x 2050
Kim Lewis
Speech Therapist
Office: 440-965-5381 x 2051
Mrs. Lori Christofferson
Occupational Therapist
Office: 440-965-5381 x 2052
Price, Dr. Amanda
FES & SAMS Psychologist
Mr. Adam Zegarac
FMS/FHS School Psychologist