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Superintendent's Message

Messages from the Superintendent

Mr. Von Gunten
The Thanksgiving holiday reminds me of how grateful we are for our Firelands community. The school district wouldn’t be able to do as much as it does without the support of YOU. We have so much to be thankful for this year!

For those of you who find time in your busy schedules to show up for events and be there for the kids, we appreciate you!

There are so many people who give their time to our schools. SHINE volunteers at the elementary school are helping kids read. Some of the assistant coaches on the fields and courts are unpaid volunteers. Many of you volunteer in the classroom and for field trips. Our Booster Clubs work very hard to support athletic and music programs. In addition to fundraisers, the FFA receives donations of money, meat and jackets to support their initiatives.

We have people who support our endowment, or send money to cover lunches for students in need. Many of you buy fruit, chocolate, candles, and other items for various fundraisers. We get donations of school supplies that help many families at the beginning of the year, and some of you may donate items of clothing, coats, toiletries, and other items that help students in the buildings. I could go on and on!

If you are looking for ways to help or resources that are available, stay connected with us! Use the  Firelands App for your phone. You can get notifications about events and information. If you haven’t already, please scan the QR code below to get started! We also encourage you to read our monthly Firelands Express and the weekly Blog to get some great information about what’s happening here and in the community at large.


Mr. Mike Von Gunten
Office: 440-965-5821