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The FHS Alumni Who Served Digital Display is now available!

We are proud to honor our men and women from Firelands who have served in the armed forces. A special project, The FHS Alumni Who Served Digital Display, is now available!

During the design process for the new high school, plans were created for a dedicated area in the new building that highlighted our history and alumni. The district felt that it was especially important to reserve space for our alumni that served, or are currently serving, our country.

Over the last 18 months, information was gathered from service members, their families, and classmates for over 300 Falcons. Submissions have been received from 65 of our 68 graduating classes!

All of the information has been compiled into a digital display honoring these men and women. On January 30th, an informal dedication of the display was held to an extremely appreciative crowd. The permanent display is housed in the FHS Alumni Hallway, outside of the competition gymnasium.  A key component of this project is that it is also viewable online for those who would like access as well.

In addition to the alumni information, the program also features our students who have chosen to enlist into the military. These students participate in a signing day ceremony at the high school and pictures from the events are included in the military highlight section.

Most importantly, the program features our Falcon Heroes. We have three young men who made the ultimate sacrifice. We are forever grateful for the service of:

2LT John Pechaitis, FHS Class of 1960
SPC Dale Gronsky, FHS Class of 1967
SSG James Hunter, FHS Class of 2003

Outside funding for this project allowed the vision to become a reality. This project was made possible through generous donations from:

The Firelands Endowment
The Staff of Firelands Local Schools
The Amherst Eagles
The VFW Vermilion
Mrs. Rita German
Mr. Clayton Cline

Thank you to all of the men and women from Firelands who served or are currently serving. We see you and we appreciate you!
Additions, updates and pictures for the program can be emailed to Jennifer at [email protected]
Follow this link for the program: https://fhsveterans.touchpros.com/

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