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Firelands Local Schools News Article

Additional Safety Grants Received

Firelands Local Schools was notified that grant funding for specific, extremely important safety projects, were recently approved! Funding has been received from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and the Ohio Attorney General.

With this grant funding, Firelands was able to add additional levels of security to each school building. Window security has been enhanced by products that mitigate hazards from shattered glass. This product will also increase security and can provide timely protection against unwelcome breakage. In addition, the product is designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass resulting in cooler temperatures within the building.

Overall safety has also been enhanced with individual lock down devices that will aid in classroom and meeting room security! When sheltering in place these barricading devices, operational in seconds, are simple for our staff to operate and do not require electricity.  Each classroom on our campus has had barricading devices installed.

Further, grants to provide enhanced security through our network were also received. Our network security device, indoor/outdoor cameras, and AIPhone replacement projects (including phone buzzer audio video system) have all been completed.

In addition to the $38,000 received for the Centegix wearable security devices, Firelands Local Schools received $162,805 through this new funding. Combined, the district has sought and received over $200,000.00 in safety grant funding this year!

Mike Von Gunten, Superintendent of Firelands Local Schools stated, “this important grant funding has enabled the district to add an additional level of security to our campus. Firelands had the opportunity to increase our safety and security, throughout the district, without the burden falling to our taxpayers. Every student and staff member will benefit from these new additions to our security plan.”

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