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The Firelands Endowment

The Firelands Endowment Fund is supported by the Community Foundation of Lorain County. The Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that began in 1980 and is dedicated to making all of Lorain County a better place to live and work. The Foundation is governed by a 20 member Board of Directors who hire investment managers who pools all assets to increase investment diversification, thereby reducing costs. 
Locally, we have Endowment Trustee's who oversee the accounts managed for The Firelands Local School Districts. These dedicated individuals are able to award as much as 5.5% of the average market value of each account, annually. Earnings are reinvested into the principal to keep the funds growing for future needs. This support will be used to enhance non-required school programs and student scholarships. The Firelands Endowment Fund shall be used for the support and enhancement of Education within The Firelands Local School District.
Last year, The Firelands Endowment Trustees awarded over $26,000 to graduating seniors and they  awarded $ 20,000.00 to Firelands teachers. These grants were given to teachers so they could provide programs beyond the scope of normal school expenditures. 

Scholarship Opportunities
Congratulations to the Endowment Scholarship Winners!
Milad & Fannie Abraham 5 @ $2,000
Alessandra Davis, Samuel Gormholtz, Cole Kaminski, Ashley Strauss, Samantha Walcott
Bechtel Family Scholarship 1 @ $2,000
Grace Bayus and Estelle Bowling
Susan Beecheler 1 @ $1,000
Rebecca Hopkins
H.A. Born Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $1,000
Taylor Kenska
Debbie Cook Scholarship 1 @ $750
Jenna Selent
Firelands Community 4 @ $1,000
Holly Eberhardt, Jenna Selent, Emily Stewart, Justin Wossilek
Cameron Greene 1 @ $750
Emily Stewart
John W Hostetler 1 @ $1,000
Samuel Formholtz
Marilyn Immler Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $1,000
Steven Iwanek, Jr.
John & Ethel Lupe Memorial 1 @ $1,000
Rebecca Hopkins
Jim Solomon 1 @ $1,000
Cole Kaminski

Firelands Schools
Endowment Scholarships
Amounts to adjust due to markets:          






Milad & Fanny Abraham


5 @ $2,000

Susan Beecheler

For Future Teachers

Teaching Career

1 @ $1,000

Debbie Cook Fine Arts

Fine Arts

1 @ $750   

Firelands Community

-South Amherst Rotary


3 @ $1,000

1 @ $1,000

Cameron Greene Memorial


1 @ $750   

John Hostetler

Medical or


1 @ $1,000

Jim Solomon Memorial



1 @ $1,000

John & Ethel Lupe Memorial 


1 @ $1,000

Bechtel Family Scholarship

(2ND Year college students only)


                                                1 @ $2,000

The Steve and Courtney Ortner

Family FFA Scholarship


1 @ $1,000

H.A. Born Scholarship


1 @ $1,000

Marilyn Immler Memorial Scholarship

Scholar Athlete 
South Amherst Connection 

1 @ $1,000




Applications are available in the Guidance Office or on-line or through a student's Naviance Account.  
Donations to the various accounts allows the Endowment Trustees to continue to support our programs and our students. Your contributions are necessary to keep this program growing and they are sincerely appreciated.

To choose a fund to donate to, please click:

You will be taken to the Community Foundation's website. Under keyword simply type Firelands Schools. You will see all of the different accounts that are set up to benefit a FLSD student or program.

Your donations are sincerely appreciated and will assist students for many years to come.

Ann Buchs, President 
Jerry Born, Vice President 
Dan Pycraft, Treasurer 
Kathy Whitmore, Secretary 
Barb Bechtel
Bob Danicki 
Amy Hignett
Scott Northeim
Kristi Palmer
Tammy Schultz

Contact Information
Firelands Endowment

Superintendent FLSD
Treasurer FLSD
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