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Voice Recognition


At Firelands High/Middle School, the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Program is prominently displayed and practiced across various school areas, promoting consistent reinforcement and encouragement in spaces like the bus, hallway, classroom, and cafeteria. The PBIS Program emphasizes the cultivation of growth-oriented characteristics among students. This can be seen in our Fabulous Falcon Awards, which recognizes a student who is socially representing the school's characteristic of the month (e.g. Respect). Notably, the program incorporates external contributions from private donors and the Friends of Firelands in their donation of Beats headphones and other incredible prizes, offering students the chance to win these rewards. These awards are given monthly and each semester ensuring the inclusivity of all students in its initiatives. The program also highlights Falcon PRIDE Award winners weekly, recognizing students who exemplify PRIDE values identified by the PBIS committee. Students actively participate in raffles, facilitated by committee members and school staff, for opportunities to win prizes. Additionally, the PBIS Program extends support to students requiring extra guidance through a dedicated mentorship program, where mentors provide ongoing assistance and guidance to aid in their personal development.
The PBIS Team 6-12: Teachers, Parents, Administrators, Students.