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FES School Counselors

FES Guidance Department

What is an elementary school counseling program?

A comprehensive school counseling program forms a partnership with the instructional program. Developmental and proactive by design, it includes services that address student growth and development as priority goals. Collaborative in practice, the developmental approach to school counseling focuses on the attainment of student competencies that accommodate the personal, social, emotional, and academic needs of all students at each grade level.


Professional counseling services include individual counseling, educational support groups, parent/teacher consultation, classroom lessons, and program development.

SEL Learning

Social Emotional Learning

Back to School and the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) difficulties.

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to watch this video on SEL. This informative video was created by Mrs. Watts, the district social worker, and shared with our staff. 

Visit Counselor

How does a student see the school counselor?

Parents, teachers, and administrators may all initiate the counseling process for students. Students may also refer themselves to the school counselor.

Early Entrance

What Age Can My Child Start Kindergarten?

Firelands Local Schools considers a child eligible for entrance into kindergarten if he/she attains the age of five on or before August 1st of the year he/she applies for entrance. By parental request and only in rare instances where a child is exhibiting exceptional signs of giftedness, a child may be tested for early admission to kindergarten if he/she will be five years of age between August 1st and January 1st. The child must display cognitive, social, and emotional standards established by the Firelands Board of Education. Parents requesting their child be considered for early entrance to kindergarten should contact Valerie Schuster, School Counselor, before April 15th of the calendar year their child would start school. The parent of the evaluated student will be notified in writing of the outcome of the evaluation process within 45 days of the submission of the request. 


Emergency Crisis Line: Available 24/7

Any student or staff member who needs help coping with a crisis can now text the keyword “4hope” to 741741 to be connected to a free crisis counselor.

School Counselors

School Counselor
(440) 965-5381 ext. 2517

School Counselor
(440) 965-5381 ext.2503

Ms. Deanna Watts, LSW, LSSW 
Social Worker
(440) 965-5821 

Social Worker
(440) 965-5381

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