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Current Kindergarten Teachers


Welcome to kindergarten! Below you will find the names of our teachers for the school year:
Mrs. Judy Born
Mrs. Sally Eberhardt
Mrs. Amanda Walker
Ms. Kayla Cantu 
Mrs. Danielle Phillips 
Ms. Ashley Gasparini 

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Firelands Local Schools considers a child eligible for entrance into kindergarten if he/she attains the age of five on or before August 1st of the year he/she applies for entrance. By parental request and only in rare instances where a child is exhibiting exceptional signs of giftedness, a child may be tested for early admission to kindergarten if he/she will be five years of age between August 1st and January 1st. The child must display cognitive, social, and emotional standards established by the Firelands Board of Education. Parents requesting their child be considered for early entrance to kindergarten should contact Valerie Schuster, School Counselor, before April 15th of the calendar year their child would start school. The parent of the evaluated student will be notified in writing of the outcome of the evaluation process within 45 days of the submission of the request. 
Ms. Valerie Schuster, School Counselor can be reached at:

(440) 965-5381 ext 2503 or by email @ [email protected]


KRA Appointment

Each kindergarten student is asked to go to Firelands Elementary for a one-hour appointment before the first full day of school to complete the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. All kindergarten students must come for a KRA appointment with their teacher before school starts.  This is in addition to the Kindergarten Screening that took place in May.  This Ohio Department of Education assessment tool measures your child’s knowledge and abilities in six areas:  social skills, language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, physical well-being, and motor development.   Your child will also have the opportunity to get to know his/her teacher and become acquainted with the classroom environment.

***After receiving the letter in the mail informing you of who your child’s kindergarten teacher is, please click here to sign your child up for this one-hour appointment on either Tuesday, September 6; Wednesday, September 7;  or Thursday, September 8.  Please be sure to sign up for a time slot next to your child’s teacher’s name.  For example, if your child is in Mrs. Cantu’s class, please sign up for a time slot that says “CANTU student”.  Adults are welcome to wait in the school office and complete a welcome packet or stay in your car and return inside the school at the end of the appointment time.  

If you are unable to sign up for this appointment electronically, please email Valerie Schuster by July 1st at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at 440.965.5381 x2503.  It is important that you leave the voicemail on extension 2503. You will receive a call back within a week to schedule the appointment.

All kindergarten students will attend their first full day of school on Friday, September 9th.  

Registration Information

For more information about enrollment and registration, please go to our Student Registration page found here.